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 Empathy: Practising the Art of Connecting to People

ask more questionsHumans aren't designed for the modern world. For most of human history we lived in small homogeneous groups of people who looked like, smelled like and thought like us. However, modern society couldn't be further from this world. Empathy is hard because our adult brains are not designed to do it.

At Empathic Consulting, we have built a series of experiential workshops that not only teach empathy as a capability, with theory, tools and techniques, but we immerse participants into challenging environments for them to practice the art of empathy. These experiences push participants to step outside their worlds, outside their existing mental models and to explore the world that is so close, but to which they have become so detached.

Workshops below are examples that can be adapted or altered specifically for any business looking for steep improvement  in their leadership skills, engagement and capability.

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