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Keynote - Brochure Understanding people

Understanding People: Tools to build empathy in your business

People are complicated, emotional and notoriously hard to understand. This is why after years of research, I developed Empathic Consulting, a business focused on helping business leaders like me to develop the skills to better understand people. I call this the art of empathy.

The future of leadership will be judged by the ability to connect and engage diverse people to uncover deep insights, form collaborative teams and foster powerful partnerships. This is why empathy is the leadership capability of the future. So let’s get prepared!

Showreel - Understanding Humans

Building resourceful teams: The key to supporting diversity for performance

Resilience is one of the hottest topics of today, but we are sometimes missing the mark. In this highly engaging session, Daniel challenges the audience to see the difference between resilience and resourcefulness. He provides the specific techniques which help leaders and individuals understand how to be resourceful.

In an age where leaders need to be able to build diverse teams that deliver real outcomes, this talk helps provide the context and skills to support leaders.

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Unlocking the Value of your People

This is HR, Strategy and CSR at its finest. Blending global best practice, relevant case studies, simple tactics and engaging stories, Daniel challenges his audience to unlock the awesome potential of engagement.

Daniel is a master of bringing strategic thinking to the powerful junction of businesses, employees and community. Want more Rock Stars in your business? This guy is for you.

What is Empathy?


Emphatic Consulting Keynotes - SpeakingLeadership is challenging and many leaders are struggling to connect with people. The paid robots of the industrial era are gone and the emerging force are here, the wave of beautiful humans with hearts and minds, yearning to be heard, searching for meaning and purpose in their lives.

The future of leadership isn’t just policies and processes. To truly harness the power of modern, diverse teams, leaders need to be able to understand what drives people. We need to help them build a new set of leadership capabilities. We need to build empathy as a leadership capability.

Daniel challenges audiences with emotive stories, easy to understand scientific research and a cunning wit and humour, keeping the audience on their toes and questioning the world. He is renowned for his ability to entertain audiences with engaging stories, mind-bending questions and relevant case studies that bring to life the often hidden side of human behaviour. Through his sessions, participants walk away with practical tools to help them be more engaging, influential, curious and authentic in their future interactions.

This mix of emotive story-telling, practical tools, strategic thinking and entertaining style make Daniel Murray one of the most engaging new speakers in Australia.

By exploring the irrational behaviours we all regularly engage in, Daniel helps to identify the need to tap into the emotional drivers of employees, customers and stakeholders. Daniel demonstrates that in this volatile world of disruption, it is not enough for businesses to develop a team of hard workers. He believes that modern leaders need to be able to motivate and support diverse teams and respond quickly to change. They need to not only adapt to rapidly evolving technologies, but also to the changing expectations, social challenges and needs of their people. Leaders need to collaborate effectively with other teams, other companies and even competitors to meet unquenchable thirst of market demands and shareholder expectations.

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