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The stories that save guns…

In the wake of yet another senseless mass shooting in the US, we all again turn to the debate about gun control. Here in Australia we of course watch on in horror and complete confusion. After a number of mass shootings over a period of 10 years, the tragic events of Port Arthur lead the…

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3 Strategies for Employee Retention

Strategies for Employee Retention

You spend a small fortune on recruiters finding and hiring the best people, they take some time to find their feet but then, after the investment of time and money, they start to deliver results! They drive your business forward and all seems fine. Too often though, their performance starts to wane. They disengage, become…

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Risk Management is Boring: Brain Hacks to Protect Your Business

Risk Management

One challenge for many new businesses is the wonderfully unsexy world of risk management. Due to the overwhelming optimism of entrepreneurs, stopping the bad things happening can often be overlooked. However, when you let people rip you off, exploit your weaknesses or you just leave a small door open to be manipulated, it can be…

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Lessons on Leading: How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Lessons on Leading

In the last 50 years, Leaders have adopted new technology and equipment, but have their leadership styles changed as fast? Too many of our modern management practices are influenced by the heavy smell of smoky factories and crashing noises of the old world production lines. Born in the Industrial era, these old leadership styles called…

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Why I quit my dream job for my daughter

quit my dream job

I can break my career, and life for that matter, so far into three distinct parts: Growing, Crashing, Rebirthing. From birth through to my early twenties, it was all learning, growing, experimenting and finding out about myself. I went to small schools on the Sunshine Coast, then off to the University of Queensland to study…

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Uber shows us the cost of a workplace without empathy

a workplace without empathy

It was long held up as the poster child of technology disruption and the sharing economy. Uber’s innovative application broke into an age-old industry, giving the power back to the people and signaling the beginning of a new era! And then it wasn’t… The constant flood of scandals, from surge pricing during disasters, ignoring reports…

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